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My Medical Inventory

Practice Inventory Solution

Hospitals Have Inventory Cost-control Tools.

Shouldn’t your practice?



The Challenge:

Accurate inventory tracking and cost-control that is easy to use and affordable.


The Solution:

My Medical Inventory


My Medical Inventory is an easy to use solution for maintaining accurate inventory counts of vaccines or other medical products. It’s a web based SAAS (Software As A Service) practice tool that can be accessed from any computer, iPad or smart phone. Plus it serves the needs of single or multiple location practices.   


Unique Features Developed for Practices Like Yours:


Cloud-based software requires no installation.


Totally web-based for easy access to any computer, ipad or smartphone connected to the internet.


Password-protected for your security.


Simple to use at single or multiple office locations.


Administrator (practice owner or office manager) can add multiple users with their own unique username and password.  


Include as many vaccines or medical products as you desire.  Each will automatically appear in alphabetical order, in their assigned Category, for optimal organization.


Alert Quantity feature tells you on the DASHBOARD when your inventory quantity has reached a number below your assigned alert count.


Easy “CHECK IN” and “CHECK OUT” feature simplifies adding new products and end of day inventory counts.


Administrator’s DASHBOARD provides an all-locations inventory-at-a-glance with red-boxed ALERTS on products going below the designated alert count.


Administrator’s DASHBOARD also provides a Year-To-Date count of each product used.


Administrator has access to running daily or periodical reports for products used to assist with billing reconciliation.


Software system also provides Incomplete Shipment reports.


The Story:

My Vaccine Inventory was the brainstorm of a Board Certified Pediatrician whose real life practice experience spawned the need and development of this easy to use resource tool. It soon became a valuable cost-effective solution for controlling inventory over-spending while maintaining products required to meet the needs of all his patients.  


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