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Medical Practice Inventory Solution

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In today's challenging medical economics, business effeciency promotes healthier patient outcomes, practice growth and financial success.

Now physicians can take better control of their practice expenses by managing the financial side of their inventory overhead more quickly, easily and affordably. My Medical Inventory is a new software system that eliminates the problems related to over- or under-stocking medical supplies. It prevents doctors from tying up their cash flow on overstocked refrigerators or closets while assuring that they never run out of vital vaccines or other medical procedure components.


My Medical Inventory was designed specifically to give doctors in Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Family Practice and other medical subspecialties a new level of efficiency in controlling costs to better promote their practice growth. It’s a web based SAAS (Software As A Service) practice tool that can be accessed from any computer, iPad or smart phone.


The software is the brainstorm of Dr. Julio Guerra, a Board Certified Pediatrician, whose real life practice experience spawned the need and development for an easy to use inventory control solution.


The cloud-based software requires no installation and is password-protected for office security.  


To learn more about My Medical Inventory and its advantages for private medical practices click here.